What began as designing and illustrating logos as a child, grew into coding and designing websites in high school. After school, Andrea would sometimes go to her fathers' office to test new products, as well as take lessons from UX designers. After high school, she obtained her B.A. in Graphic Design and began learning UX design through an internship at Enlighten, where her father was a co-founder and CTO. From there she has gone on to design solutions at non-profits, small businesses, start-ups, and corporations. Being an INTJ and excited by efficiency, she most enjoys corporate enterprise work that allows her to design productivity and business solutions. At home, she's the mother to a beautiful baby boy Isaac Newton Silverman and lives in a condo on Lake Washington in Seattle with her husband Dan, an engineer at Expeditors International. In her spare time, Andrea is pursuing a Micro Masters online in user research and design from the University of Michigan School of Information on the edX platform and her capstone project involves creating a UX design game.

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