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UX PM | December 2015 - March 2016

Role: User Experience Project Manager


As the UXPM, I established relationships with customers and internal project teams to promote best practices, assist with onboarding activities, provide training on system features and configuring systems to ensure successful adoption and optimize worker and customer experiences. I also advocated for users and customers by translating feedback into functional guidance for Product Management and Development teams. 

Responsibilities: The UX PM works remotely and onsite with employees to promote adoption and satisfaction.


Specific skills include:


  • Attended workshops and training sessions, and provided solution demonstrations to scrum team

  • Actively managed customer relationships

  • Demonstrated strong knowledge of the Dynamics CRM platform and ability to supply basic configuration wireframes to developers

  • Assessed product usability and made constructive suggestions for improvement

  • Able to effectively present complex information and collaborate with multiple team types (Product Management, Business Intelligence, Development)

  • Enthusiastic, outgoing, professional and confident personality

  • Able to lead remote meetings including scrum, and conversations via email, voice or SKYPE

  • Strong focus on agile methodologies, customer satisfaction and enabling user success

  • Advocate for customers by translating feedback into product requirements and roadmap input

  • Able to manage multiple workstreams in a fast-paced environment through the use of Visual Studio Team Services

  • Able to work independently

  • Developed storyboards, mockups, and prototypes to communicate interaction and design ideas

A Few Goals:

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, forms provide the user interface that people will use to interact with the data they need to do their work. It is important that the forms people use are designed to allow them to find or enter information they need efficiently.  I helped the Dynamics CRM team jump-start onboarding of their new products and services. I was brought on a few months prior to their launch date, which required me to learn about their new offerings, customers, and the business case for change in a matter of weeks. When that was done, I designed the blueprints for a fully customized training program full of definitions, presentation slides, value propositions, and other tools to help users get up to speed quickly.


Pain Points:

Labor Intensive Data Entry; Previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM required a user to perform a laborious journey through various forms in order to add a new client. This poses a problem when a company grows, and the rate at which new customer data is entered negatively impacts the rate of processing.



By interviewing users from each LOB, we were able to distill the critical persona to process a contract. In addition, we gained input that allowed for the "Quick Create" UI design to be intuitively accessed in the new CRM 2016 navigation bar. It was discovered that the UI needed to be tailored to each LOB user role for more efficient access. 



The advent of the "Quick Create" command makes it fast and easy for an admin user to enter almost any type of information into the system. The command is on the nav bar, so it’s always available whenever a user needs to enter new info into the system.






Email  |  (734) 276-8482