The problem

Smart Carnival Tech, realized that there was a huge opportunity to transform the outdated neighborhood carnival experience into something more interactive and relevant for today's tech-savvy youth. To enable this transformation, Smart Carnival set out to build a technology platform that would position the company to meet the changing and future demands of the amusement, carnival and inflatables industries.

My role: UX Designer

At our initial meeting, we began with research gathering. I reviewed existing carnival apps, gathered information about features, advantages, and disadvantages. Jesse Ou, the founder and CEO worked with me to create personas and the requirements of each user. The goal at our kick-off meeting was to leverage these insights and create a journey map in order to envision a product that would best meet Smart Carnival Tech's needs. We took a deeper dive into the experience of each user to understand individual behaviors, workflows, and beliefs in order to gain a larger understanding of how the design would address several areas - stakeholder and business requirements, as well as the needs of vendors and consumers. Next, I began sketching wireframes to be used as a foundation for the information architecture. 

The app


Initial sketches from our kick off meeting (click to enlarge)


1 of 10 personas (click to enlarge)

More refined sketches (click to enlarge)


Information Architecture of app with expanded features


Click to experience Ashley's user flow

The future of the project

The CEO used the assets that I created to provide a visual designer with a blueprint to follow for the high fidelity prototype. Smart Carnival Tech is now seeking investors and beta testers in order to improve the app. 

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