Why this project?

To learn how to get a Unity app onto a smartphone to view with Google Cardboard. That process is very critical for testing since with VR you really do need to view an experience in a headset to understand what is going on. 



  • How to navigate around Unity

  • How to customize a pre-existing experience in Unity

  • How to get a project from Unity to Android or iOS

project one

VR Carnival

project two

Modern apt. scene

Why this project?

To combine and practice everything that I have learned thus far: placing 3D models into a scene, building a new apartment scene with nice lighting, cameras, and custom animation.



  • Adding 3D models to a scene

  • Moving, scaling, and rotating 3D models

  • Deploying to your Cardboard Viewer

  • Creating materials and assigning textures

  • Creating animations and triggering them

  • Creating lights and baking them

  • Optimizing a scene for top performance

This project was a chance to combine and practice everything I've learned in this section of the Nanodegree program. The goal was to design and create my own apartment based on several 3D models that I was given. After I laid out the scene, then I deployed it on my phone. Next, I added lighting and animation. At the end, I have a good-looking 3D environment that I built myself and can share with others.

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