This video tour is of the 2017 solar eclipse. The tour is experienced with an HTC Vive in Google Earth and provides viewers with a unique, futuristic, option. This video was recorded by Andrea Silverman.


Imagine that you are orbiting in space near planet earth on a mission. Your mission is still underway, and will not be completed in time to travel back to earth to view the eclipse. You have a few options, the first is to view the eclipse from the ship in outer space (this experience is provided in the beginning of the video tour), but that wouldn't simulate the authentic solar eclipse as seen from earth. The other option is to teleport to the solar eclipse path in Oregon via virtual reality to experience what it is actually like to view the eclipse from earth. 


On this tour, I take the viewer southward on a direct path through the atmosphere, until we land on earth, in the state of Oregon. As we fly through the clouds over mountain ranges, the orbit of the eclipse is viewed and traveled upon back into space. 


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